Savor The Sensations 

A strong bold wine in every way from its high alcohol content to the strong black berry aromas aging 4 years in French oak barrels gives this wine a very smooth entry with a semi sweet hot finish.

Price: $75


This wine is much different than the 2004 Reserve Cabernet. Which held up better in the aging process? This different blend, 10% Syrah and 90% Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley. Nice fresh fruit aromas. A big bold body filled with a spicy lingering finish.

Price: $75

This wine aged for 4 years in French Oak Barrels (25% new and 75% aged) giving it a perfect balance for a full body wine. Smooth on the entry and fruited on the finish. The taste resembles a Bordeaux Cabernet. If you like Cabernet you will like this Merlot.

Price: $65

Exciting wine, fresh, this Zinfandel is very fruited,  aged 3 years in French oak barrels, a blend of 5% Cabernet and 95% Zinfandel, both varieties Napa Valley.

Price: $55